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When you’ve made a mistake that ends up with you in prison, it can be hard to believe you’re worthy of any opportunities and even harder to find people willing to give you a second chance. This is where Arouet comes in. We focus on supporting the mind, body, and souls of women before they even leave prison. Before release, we begin working with women to tap into their natural skills, hopes, and dreams. We do this by focusing on six key elements of success; Life Skills, Health Support, Education, Employment, Advocacy & Re-Entry Success.

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Ready for full time employment? Or just getting started?


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  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Techniques & Mock Interview Practice
  • Compensation Worth
  • Social Media Presence


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For Potential Job Partners

Ready for full time employment? Or just getting started?

If you recruit for a company in search of talented hires ready to change the workplace? We are always looking for new corporate partners to increase our job placement options. By utilizing our talent pool, you will receive emotionally secure top talent, ready to go the mile for your company.


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The Arouet Approach

Arouet is committed to getting women ready to enter the workforce.

It starts while they are still inside prison.  We provide extensive re-entry skills through our 6 month Transforming Our Possibilities (TOPS) Program and then continue to support women coming home with the ongoing skills necessary to prepare for successful careers and the opportunity to build financial stability. We believe that women, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to work toward a stronger future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

As a comprehensive career preparation and job placement program, the Arouet Career Center prepares women to enter the workforce.  Our women have incredible skills and experiences.  While incarcerated, we support them to prepare to re-enter society and upon release, our talented women are more dedicated, motivated and excited for a second chance at life than any other candidate pool you will find anywhere! We can’t wait for you to meet them.

Once hired, we continue to support them with career guidance and professional development workshops, and we run a full-service Financial Opportunity Center to support them in building and maintaining long-term financial security.

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Open Positions

“Arouet provided services and support that were critical to my success. “

– Brandy