Arouet's Programs:

Our Mission

Arouet is a modern, innovative, second-chance movement for women transitioning out of the correctional system. We provide preparation for reentry, successful community integration, and career and life success.

(Image 1: Visual representation of Arouet’s wrap-around support services)


| 3-Year Transition Model

Arouet’s innovative approach to successful reentry incorporates a 3-year program. Each year revolves around a specific set of learning objectives and desired outcomes aimed at easing the transition back into society.
– Year One – Preparing for Reentry: Mentorship & Learning Program


Phase One of Arouet’s 3-Year Transitional Model was created in 2011 and specifically designed to assist incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women reenter society and reduce their likelihood to recidivate.
  • More than 1000+ women have successfully graduated from Arouet’s Phase One!
  • To date, Arouet’s reentry program has a 6.1% recidivism rate


– Year Two – Successful Integration: Learn, Lead, Succeed Program


Year Two was established in 2017 to assist Year One graduates adjust to their professional & personal lives post-release. Year Two includes a one-on-one mentor/mentee match, intensive staff support, creation of a Supportive Learning Committee, and a plethera of other service-learning activities.
  • 27 women joined Arouet’s new programs during the 2017 inaugural year
  • To date, Arouet’s post-release programs have a 0% recidivism rate


– Year Three – Leadership and Impact: Building a Learning Cohort
Year Three is the final stage in Arouet’s 3-Year Transitional Model. With focus on leadership and professional development, women in Year Three of the program learn and grow in a cohort of peers, and are given access to academic advising, skill development, financial planning, and assistance developing an Individual Strategic Action Plan.

(Image 2. 3-Year Transition Program Overview)


| Financial Opportunity Center

With the help of certified financial planners, Arouet’s Financial Opportunity Center provides income support, budgeting tools, credit repair, and financial coaching and planning at no cost.


| 72 Hours From the Gate

One of Arouet’s newest and most innovative programs, 72 Hours From the Gate ensures that our women with limited family support have someone to pick them up from Perryville upon their release. Volunteers in this program are verified and trained to be a supportive and empowering member of our women’s transition back into society. 

Volunteers in this program will:

    • Pick women up from Perryville on their release day
    • Assist women in obtaining hygiene supplies, clothing, etc.
    • Provide one-on-one friendly and empathetic support


| Career Center and Resource Library

Arouet’s Career Center and Resource Library provides employee training and job placement to the women we serve. Our Resource Library is stocked with information pertaining to reentry services in the local area in order to better equip our women with wrap around services. 


| TENS Scholarship [Transformative Endowment for New Scholars]

TENS mission is to empower women who are reentering society to realize their life goals through higher education.
  • Arouet provides scholarship funding to formerly incarcerated women, allowing them to achieve their higher educational goals

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Shawn T, TOPS Graduate