By empowering women to take their lives back and embrace the next steps, Arouet’s pre-release program educates women about health/wellness, education/career preparation, community & family integration, and goal attainment. After leaving prison, Arouet continues the journey with women after release by providing programs focused on mentorship, coaching, family reunification, financial literacy/budgeting, and career preparation. Participants have the opportunity to become Storytellers and share their lived experience with the broader community.


  • Is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation
  • A modern, innovative second-chance movement
  • A local advocate for Fair Chance employment
  • A supportive, inspiring, and educational resource that assist clients in meeting their personal and professional reintegration goals
  • Empowerment, services and education for women, their families and communities
  • A holistic, inspiring, and educational Center For Success – that assist clients in meeting their personal and professional reintegration goals


In 2011, Arouet was founded as an independent 501(c)3 by Jim Hooker and Vince Barsolo. Jim and Vince recognized a need to provide wrap-around social support for women who have been directly impacted by the justice system. They knew that in order to “walk the walk,” they needed to provide services to help these women achieve success and avoid recidivism once they were released. Further, they saw the value in providing these supports to all women and ultimately, all women exiting these correctional facilities.

For over nine years, with both pre- and post- release programs, Arouet has helped women tap into their own strengths, identify viable career paths, and establish stable, self-sufficient lives outside of prison. Through educational and employment supports, mentoring, wellness and behavioral health, life skills development, and advocacy, we are working toward a society in which every formerly incarcerated woman can successfully reintegrate and make productive contributions in our communities.

Through our pre-release programming, we provide direct job training and placement in professional jobs while women remain incarcerated. With this program, we have developed a reputation for providing inclusive and nonjudgmental support, and for helping women enhance their employability for jobs in which they are interested and qualified. For this reason, women exiting seek our support, and employers increasingly want to hire our participants. Formerly incarcerated women face a proverbial fork in the road, and Arouet is in the perfect position to guide these women toward success and self-sufficiency, and away from recidivism.

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Alison Rapping | CEO
Grant Packwood | Director of Community Affairs
Brandy Smith | Programs and Outreach Manager
Samantha Garcia | Mentor and Volunteer Services Manager
Krista Cordova Mathews | Workforce Development Manager
Irene Garnett | Employment and Financial Coach
Shaun Land | Reentry Coordinator


Lynne Oldham, Zoom | Chair
Chevera Trillo, State of Arizona | Vice Chair
Tim Vatuone, Trinity Capital Investment | Treasurer
Dana Campbell Saylor, Community Leader | Member
Colleen Schwab, GPEC | Member

Tasneem Doctor, Equality Health | Emeritus/Advisor