Host our Storytellers

Give our women a platform to share their story and help break the stigma around incarceration.

Their stories deserve to be heard

Storytellers is our platform to raise awareness about the challenges formerly incarcerated people have throughout their re-entry and how programs like Arouet’s help them succeed.

Whether you host an event with your community or simply attend one of our own, you give our participants a voice to change hearts and minds.

Past events have included company lunch and learns, virtual story sessions with social clubs, collaborations with social justice organizations, and personal discussions. These diverse and meaningful events help engage our communities and broaden the conversation around incarceration.

“I’ve learned about myself; my strengths, my capabilities, my dreams. I learned I can be successful. I can be a positive role model to my children, my family, my community.”

− Valerie, Arouet Participant & Storyteller

If you would like to organize a storyteller event