October 12th is National Savings Day, we would like to share with you the Arouet coaching team’s Top 10 Savings Tips!

Saving money not only provides peace of mind, but it also opens numerous doors that are not only capable of improving your quality of life but also providing security.

When you’re preparing to make financial changes it’s important to ask yourself some questions: What financial goals do you have for yourself? Are you planning to make a large purchase in a few months? Do you feel prepared and confident in doing so?

Arouet’s Top 10 Savings Tips:

1. Set goals
– What are you saving for?

2. Prioritize your goals
Needs vs Wants

3. Track your expenses
– Track every dollar you spend for 3 months.

4. Plan a budget
– Understand what is going in and out.

5. Remove unnecessary expenses
– Find alternatives, search for deals, and recognize priorities.

6. Pay yourself first
– Set aside 10%-15% before spending anything.

7. Match investment to goals
– Liquidity to savings goal timeline.

8. Monitor your savings
– Watch it grow!

9. Keep separate checking & savings accounts
– Don’t spend from your savings.

10. Don’t give up!
– Start small, stay consistent!

Following these tips will put you on the road to building savings and a more secure financial future! If you are a woman impacted by the justice system and ready to change your financial future enroll in the Opportunity Center today: Call us at 480-660-5854 or email info@arouetempowers.org to get started!